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Rainy Day's 30 day music challenge

So... habiendo terminado un par de 30 day music challenges hice el mio... c'mon, deberían intentarlo. (hay una segunda parte... just so you know)

Day 1: A song from your favorite band/artist
Katatonia, Hypnone https://youtu.be/zdiCO1m8X_w
"I need the sound of rain
Wearing dependence down
The line must be kept so thin
To live near life
Not within"

Day 2: a song you like from a band/artist you kinda hate
Eminem, Lose Yourself https://youtu.be/_Yhyp-_hX2s
i know...

Day 3: The worst song of your favorite band/artist
Katatonia, Without God https://youtu.be/7fOW6o7aESk
Probably not the "worst" I just don't like growling so i picked a random one from that era of Katatonia

Day 4: a song about death
Josh Ritter, The Remnant https://youtu.be/XnuxPbg6-6g
it's not stated but implied... and nothing that is hidden will be revealed

I know who you are old man keep running
I caught your trail as you left the pines
Out into the fields where you couldn’t hide nowhere
Just a thin stitch up against the rising line
And up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling
Up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling

I know who you are old man keep running
I tracked you down by the look in the eyes
Of a thousand gone faces pressed against their windows
Horses hiding in the willows til the storm passed by
And a fine gray dust seemed to settle on the future
A fine gray dust seemed to settle in between
Your hat and the dapple of my appaloosa
The only living things that I could see
And up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling
Up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling

I know who you are old man keep running
I walked across the bottom of the lake below
Your boat and did you know that when you landed I was watching
As the sky turned dark as the eyes of a foal
And I’ll know you by the shift of the wind in the cobwebs
The sawdust swirls in the fins of the bullheads
The craters that you made when you lay down dreaming
Strange constellations that you gave new meaning
By the teeth marks you made on bones from the ice age
The smell of the cinder burning slow in your ribcage
Listen in the distance you will hear me like your shadow
Footsteps soft as the tread of an echo
And up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling
Up through the blue I knew the stars were tumbling

And the ground will open out into a mouth below us
And the mouth will open out into the empty sky
And the whistle as we hurtle through the halls of onyx
The only sound around us as we go by
And I’ll follow you out through the wells of charcoal
Moonlit stones around the cones of a black hole
Through the fields where grow the Ever and Forever
The tessellated blooms with the voids at their centers
Through the million rooms in a bead of luminesence
The filaments on the looms of dimension
The pillars of creation where they make the planets
The billion tiny teeth that tear the charge from your atoms
In a trillion tiny bites they’ll eat the meat from the pearl
And throw your soul away a cold grey little world
And nothing that is hidden will be revealed

Day 5: A song about life
Riverside, Found https://youtu.be/nN0uSZ8xNcs
You've got to go with what you think is right

Day 6: a song about sex
Meg Myers, Desire https://youtu.be/bR5u9jb0PJE

Day 7: a song about a murder or another crime
Nina Kinert, I shot my man https://youtu.be/5WGL9Ecz_uM
La versión del album tiene mas textura, pero preferí poner la version "acústica" por que es más perturbadora de este modo, creo

Day 8: a song about old age
Natalie Merchant, Giving Up Everything https://youtu.be/Mx5Iq0LTYw0
había seleccionado Piano Man, pero me acabo de acordar de esta

Day 9: a song about being a kid
Tori Amos, Ribbons undone https://youtu.be/crgv_TNPZ8E

Day 10: a song about mental illness
Type O Negative, Everything dies, https://youtu.be/NJ3aiM8K6D0
Peter era bipolar y sufría de depresión crónica, su música estaba inconfundiblemente impregnada con ambos desordenes... seleccioné esta canción por el claro enfoque en lo negativo, el pensamiento fatalista, el deseo de muerte, la desesperación y desesperanza de una crisis depresiva

Day 11: a song about a historical figure
Kate Bush, Joanni https://youtu.be/5B8cc1nurME
sobre Juana de Arco

Day 12: a song about vampires or werewolves
Type O Negative, Wolf Moon https://youtu.be/LsLTjOkk0as
werewolves!... sort of...

Day 13: a song about a ghost
Kate Bush, Under Ice https://youtu.be/SqCvP7A-Mqo
probably the scariest song ever written... shivers, every time

Day 14: a song about a God/Goddess or Demon
Happy Rhodes, Ra Is A Busy God https://youtu.be/RPNMohJMH7M
because more people should know Happy

Day 15: a song your grandpa or grandma love/d
Libetad Lamarque, Besos brujos https://youtu.be/pt4gKICNJz0
cualquier canción de ella le gustaba a mi abuela... la pasión, el drama... el tango

Day 16: a song your mother or father love/d
Nat King Cole with Natalie Cole, Unforgettable https://youtu.be/v9150wTE7t0
a má le encanta esta canción

Day 17: a song that's better live than on album
Steven Wilson, Index https://youtu.be/xaALRUJTxWg
pff... hay un buen, en especial de Tori por que las va cambiando con los años, pero ya que nunca la he visto en vivo-vivo and maybe never will... tengo que ir por Index que si he visto en vivo y pfff... es mega wow... la versión del album, en comparación es super meh

Day 18: a song you wish you could see played live (or find live on youtube)
Toehider, To hide her https://youtu.be/zCpLKAbCdls
Bueno, hay un buen de bandas que quisiera ver en vivo pero que de menos me consuela ver en conciertos en Youtube, pero en este caso, no solo es super improbable que vea a Toehider en vivo, ya que son una banda Australiana que no tourea en America, sino que hay bien pocos videos de presentaciones en vivo... y en ninguna he visto esta rola que me gusta un buen.

Day 19: the most improbable cover you've heard
Mägo de Oz, Take on me (Aha Cover) https://youtu.be/mhicneyahag
y me gusta bastante

Day 20: the weirdest song you know
Screamin Jay Hawkins, I put a spell on you https://youtu.be/7kGPhpvqtOc

Day 21: A song by a band/artist with the most stupid name
A-ha, lifelines https://youtu.be/DCkbfyk6XGc
amo, amo a esta banda... pero pinche nombre XD

Day 22: a song by a band/artist with the most outrageous looks
Amanda Palmer, Dear Daily Mail, https://youtu.be/_c7-nHHZ86o
elegí a Amanda por que se desnuda frecuentemente y al parecer, una mujer "real" desnuda tan casual sigue siendo lo más outrageous en el mundo... so, solo para probar ese punto...

Day 23: a song by a singer with the weirdest/outrageous moves
Queenadreena, Pretty like drugs https://youtu.be/bWH5K3Ic1x8
KatieJane is a wild creature

Day 24: A song so catchy you guarantee is gonna repeat nonstop in my head after I listen to it
Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX, Fancy https://youtu.be/O-zpOMYRi0w
ah-gi-gi-wha! XD

Day 25: a song you've cried to
Daughter, Tomorrow https://youtu.be/Hg5rJii7WDY

Day 26: a song that makes you laugh
Bebe, uh uh uh https://youtu.be/JQN8xusya74
it builds up XD

Day 27: a song by the highest pitched singer you know
Mike from Toehider, Wuthering Hights https://youtu.be/WnG5iLR9g9k
Esta canción es de Kate Bush... ella ya no puede cantarla en esa nota... so... yeah

Day 28: a song by the lowest pitch singer you know
Nina Hagen, Seemann https://youtu.be/fqGxEMrY2SI
el audio esta medio pinche, pero quería una version en vivo

Day 29: a song to have sex to
Live, Dolphin's cry https://youtu.be/h-YP79NNwiw

Day 30: a song to wave goodbye
Tori Amos, Toast https://youtu.be/3P2ijTjYnxA
Tori tiene canciones para toda ocasión

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